Discover your ancestors and their history. Identify your origins.



We carry out a preliminary evaluation of your order at no cost, we prepare a work project and provide a budget adjusted to the evaluation.

Once the research is concluded, we shall provide you with a written report, genograms, and documentary back-ups corresponding to the required transcripts or certificates. We shall be at your disposal for any questions regarding the investigation.

The genealogical knowledge of our ancestors explains ourselves in the present as to our individual, social and historical identities.

Thus, genealogy as a scientific instrument of historical analysis makes possible interpretations of History that are our own, not watered-down in the general contexts. At the same time, it satisfies our legitimate interests, whether that of simple curiosity about the family past, such as the inquiry into the ethnic, religious and social origin, or even the genetic course of our family lines.

The objectives, consequently, are also multiple: to build our family tree, the memory of our ancestry, which is a family inheritance to pass on to the next generations; genealogical contribution to nationality, inheritance or other judicial proceedings; the establishment of a generational medical record for the purposes of medical practice, or any other legitimate purpose.

Any of these objectives are possible to achieve through the search and study of civil, ecclesiastical, military and other miscellaneous resources. This is the research methodology that is offered by our team.

"Los Tusinos" Family Tree Álvarez de Miranda and Castañón. Archive of the Royal Chancery of Valladolid (Archv-Pl.-Civiles-Pérez-Alonso-Ob-C.-12771)