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Mayte Díez Martín. Historian and genealogist.

I'm a Bachelor in Geography and History, specialized in Early Modern History, and Doctorate in Gender History/ Colonial America. I'm a senior archive technician and an expert in paleography. I have a vast professional experience in historical and genealogical counseling and research, as well as in studies on nobility with Sephardi roots, and paleographic transliteration of manuscripts. Depending on the requirements of the investigation, I work in coordination with a group of specialists in several fields, who are integrated into the Pandora Collective.
I live in Valladolid (Spain).   APG member /Association of Professional Genealogists⇒


Research in all civil and ecclesiastical archives, newspapers' archives or libraries throughout Spain. Full availability for: archives of the Royal Chancery of Valladolid, the Royal Chancery of Granada, the General Archive of Simancas, the National Historical Archive and other archives located in Madrid, together with the Diocesan and Provincial Historical Archives in the region of Castile-Leon, and Northern Spain.

  • Genealogical researching
  • Historical and genealogical counseling
  • Research and studies on nobility titles
  • Research on Sephardi origins, assistance and management for nationality proceedings
  • Research on victims of the Spanish Civil War
  • Documentary backing for successions, inheritances, nationalities
  • Paleography: transcription of manuscripts
  • Documentary and archival works


The journal Frentes Avanzados de la Historia/FAH (Advanced History Fronts) offers a space to publish studies on Inter-Athlantic and Gender History. It includes a section called HistoGenealogía devoted to genealogical and historically contextualized research works, contributed by both academic collaborators and private individuals, which are supervised by the editorial board.


675 615 236