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Research in all civil and ecclesiastical archives, newspapers archives and libraries in Spain. Full availability for the archives of the Royal Chancery of Valladolid, the Royal Chancery of Granada, the General Archive of Simancas, the Historical National Archive and others located in Madrid; as well as the Diocesan and the Historical Provincial archives in the region of Castile-Leon.

General Archive of Simancas, AGS A / Yard of the Royal Chancery of Valladolid, ARChV.

Genealogical research

  • Search and investigation in archives, on site or online, for tracing ancestors, surnames and lineages.
  • Elaboration of the ancestors' genealogical trees. Edition of the genealogical research in any format.
  • Accreditation of documents for juridical requirements: inheritances, properties, genealogical affiliations, etc.
Historical and genealogical counseling. Content elaboration.

Historical and/or genealogical counseling to private or public entities on any research work, publication, or audiovisual and computing production.
Elaboration of contents: publications, museum exhibits, presentations...


Documentary research on nobility lineages: peerages and hidalguías (Spanish title of lower nobility)


Accredited transliterations by specialists and bachelors in paleography. All graphs: medieval, early modern and modern.
Lectures in both public and private entities.

                                                                    INVESTIGATION, COUNSELING, MANAGEMENT: SEPHARDI BACKGROUNDS

Medieval Jewish rite, Barcelona (miniature in British Library)
Inquisition, emblem.

Sephardic, Spain, research / Sefardíes, España, investigación

Genealogical and historical studies on Sephardi affiliations, crypto-Jewish and Jewish-convert, in Spain and Portugal. Investigation reports to back up applications for Spanish and Portuguese nationalities by Sephardi origin. Counseling and management in administrative procedures.


Documentary search for disappeared and retaliated individuals. Studies on the historic and the family contexts.


Documentary research, cataloging works, archival description, and indexation.

Welcome to Histogenealogia.com

Together with some other colleagues, I carry out historical and genealogical research, documentation work, and transliteration of manuscripts.

How can I help you?

I’m a bachelor in Geography and History, specialized in the history of colonial America, and highly experienced in both historical and genealogical researchwork, as well as in searching documents, and transliterating manuscripts. In addition, I undertake all kinds of word and image processing, and transcription of audio.

I’me fully available for working in the following archives: Real Chancillería de Valladolid, Real Chancillería de Granada, Histórico Nacional and Archivo General de Simancas. Besides, on previous consultation, I accept requests for other civil and ecclesiastic archives, newspaper archives, and libraries of Spain. Depending on the research demands, I work in coordination with a group of specialists in several fields, who can be contacted through this webblog.

Bienvenu(e) au Histogenealogia.com

Je fais avec d’autres collègues des investigations historiques et généalogiques, travaux de documentation et transcriptions de manuscrits. Appuyez ici pour savoir les services que nous offrons.

J’ai fait des études de Géographie et Histoire. Je suis spécialiste dans l’histoire de l’Amérique coloniale.

J’ai une grande expérience dans la recherche historique, la recherche documentaire, les investigations généalogiques et les transcriptions de manuscrits. En outre, j’ai une grande expérience dans la fabrication des traitements d’informatique des textes et images et dans les transcriptions de l’acoustique.

J’ai la disponibilité totale à travailler dans le “Archivo de la Real Chancillería de Valladolid”, “Archivo de la Real Chancillería de Granada”, “Archivo Histórico Nacional” et le “Archivo General de Simancas”. Je peux travailler dans d’autres archives civiles et ecclésiastiques, bibliothèques de périodiques ou bibliothèques de l’Espagne.

En dépendant de l’investigation, je travaille coordonnée avec un groupe de spécialistes. La voie pour contacter ce groupe est ce blog.

Wllkommen zum Blog von HistoGenealogia

Zusammen mit anderen Kolleginen führe ich historische Untersuchungen, genealogische, -dokumentations und Manuskripteumschreibarbeiten aus.

Ich bin Magister in Geographie und Geschichte, spezialisiert in Kolonialgeschichte Lateinamerikas.

Habe ausgiebige Erfahrung in wissenschaftliche Untersuchungsarbeiten, Dokumentation- und Genealogischesuchen, sowie in informatische Text-, Bilder und Audio Bearbeitungen.

Bin jederzeit verfügbar für Arbeiten in den “Real Chancillería de Granada”, Real Chancilleria- und Simancasarchiven in Valladolid, und unter vereinbarung auch in andere Archiven und Biblioteken.

Den Umständen entsprechen arbeite ich zusammen mit einer Gruppe Spezialisten.